Touched by FEAR



Erin Holland has spent most of her childhood suffering from psychological and supernatural fear in an asylum while trying to hide her powers and ghosts from the dark world outside. Haunted by a witch, a vampire, a shapeshifter and a demon-worshipping warlock, she’s accepted the darkness gripping onto her soul and has given up on any chance of a normal life.

She's grateful for the drugs that shut out the voices, especially when Gideon's sexy voice keeps trying to romance her into giving into his demands. But Erin's stay at the hospital takes a chilling turn when her doctor develops an unhealthy interest in her inner beast and attempts to create more shifters.

To escape his evil, vengeful intentions, Erin turns to Gideon, who promises her magic, love and pleasure. But is Erin really as safe as she imagines in Gideon's paranormal embrace?